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Tomato Pulp (400G)

Granoro Peeled Tomatoes are grown and processed in Italy within a few hours of being picked to ensure they retain their natural fragrance and freshness. Granoro chooses the best varieties for its peeled tomatoes, fruit of a regular, elongated shape, picked at just the right degree of ripeness, with an intense, even red colour and firm flesh, suitable for peeling. Tough and accurate selection criteria applied during the canning process results in a product of an even colour and size. Granoro Peeled Tomatoes are preserved in their own tomato juice without the addition of any other ingredients (the proof is in the labels of our Peeled Tomatoes). They are fragrant, whole, easy to peel and naturally firm, thanks to the absence of calcium carbonate, which is often used in the food industry to artificially improve consistency. Granoro chooses instead to use tomatoes that are of good quality right from the start. After being washed in fresh water, before being peeled and canned, our tomatoes are subject to two types of selection processes: an optical one, through the use of optical selection equipment that rejects tomatoes with black, green or yellow marks; the other one is a manual process, by which the tomatoes are visually examined one by one, rejecting any that don’t make the grade. The presence of peel is not considered a defect as it is a typical occurrence when peeling is performed using the natural process of blanching, which lifts the peel off. The tomatoes then undergo another manual selection process, during which any that are not whole or are not mature enough are eliminated. Once placed in the can with the tomato juice, the canning process is complete. The cans are then closed and heat treated, which preserves the tomatoes perfectly until the time of consumption or for the duration of the conservation period, which is 36 months from the canning date

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